Sensei Quentin Ball Sensei Quentin Ball
My journey in the Japanese Martial Arts began in 1980 at the age of 17 when I joined
a local Ju Jutsu club in Swindon. 10 years later, after becoming disillusioned with the
authenticity of my chosen art, I packed my bags & headed for Japan. It was during
my four years in Japan that I was introduced to Okabayashi Sensei & the Daito Ryu,
I have never looked back!
On my return to the UK in 1994, I established 'Nine Circles Ju Jutsu Schools' &
taught professionally for over ten years. In 1996 I was appointed the UK
representative of 'Hakuho', Okabayashi Sensei's group in Japan & have made
numerous trips back to Japan to further my studies.
The journey has been a great experience & I am honoured to have shared it with
some of the best people I have ever met. Japanese Budo has played a very large
part in my life, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!
I look forward to the next 35 years of hard training with my Hakuho friends!

Sensei Lindsay Comens Sensei Lindsay Comens
I have been fascinated with the Japanese fighting arts of the Samurai since I was very
young & over the years studied the normal gamut of arts available to me: Karate,
Ninpo, Aikido & modern Jujitsu but, for me, never felt I was learning 'the real thing'.
20 years ago I met and became a student of Sensei Quentin Ball after he returned
from living & training in Japan. I have had the pleasure of training with Sensei Quentin
ever since in Daito Ryu, Ono Ha Itto Ryu, Enshin Ryu & Tenshin Hyoho Soden
Kukamishin Ryu.
Through Sensei Quentin I have had the great opportunity to be taught by, & train
under, Okabayashi Shogen Sensei, in England & Japan, in Daito & Ono Ha Itto Ryu.
A truly remarkable man and finest of Martial artists.
Koryu training is hard, often challenging but richly rewarding on SO many levels.

Sensei Laurence Fisher Sensei Laurence Fisher
I have been involved in budo since a very young age, starting with judo & expanding
my interest to include other systems such as aikido, bujinkan & various forms of
modern jujitsu.
While teaching a modern form of jujitsu in Cardiff I read & studied about koryu bujutsu
while also training with a local aikido club. One of the aikidoka I trained with, who
understood a little about my interests, showed me a leaflet advertising a seminar run
by Okabayashi Shogen Sensei teaching Daito Ryu.
I was instantly interested as I knew a little about the system & history. I attended the
seminar & was so impressed with Okabayashi Sensei & the budo he demonstrated
that I began travelling to train with Sensei Quentin & so my study of Daito ryu began.

Sensei Gareth Shaw Sensei Gareth Shaw
I've studied Jujustu and Aiki Jujutsu for a number of years and have always been
interested in the traditional Japanese martial arts (Koryu). I had been going to Sensei
Quentin's seminars for years but was fortunate to be able to start training regularly in
Daito Ryu with sensei Quentin and Sensei Lindsay when Sensei Lindsay opened a
club in the Surrey area in 2007.
In 2009 I had the pleasure of travelling to Japan and living in Osaka for 3 months to
study with Sensei Okabayashi. I was welcomed like family and had some amazing
experiences with some equally amazing people.